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Tracy Kirnig

Parents frequently ask what’s distinctive about Prior’s Field.

Our reply is that we are a school focused on the development of unique individuals. Our small size is a huge advantage in this, but we also have a strong family ethos, wonderful team spirit and big ambitions for our girls. We share a belief that education is about far more than rank orders, school statistics and that which can be measured. Our commitment is to provide space for individuality, initiative and enterprise to blossom.






At Prior’s Field no girl is invisible. Your daughter will be known and valued for who she is. Every girl is different – and we like that. We don’t have a one size fits all approach and reject any form of regimentation that stifles the joys of independent thinking, discovery and self expression.

Girls tell us time and again that they love their school, feel at home and are happy. They have great friends. They enjoy unforgettable experiences. They work hard and aim high. They are at ease with themselves and take real delight in surpassing all expectations.

Bringing out the best in young people requires heart, dedication and passion. It takes inspiration and sensitivity. A culture that is fearful, unforgiving of mistakes or unhealthily competitive cannot transform lives. This is why we focus on motivation, self belief and enjoyment.

Visitors comment on the buzz and energy of the school. Participation is hugely important to us and staff provide wonderful opportunities beyond the classroom.

We are an exciting school with a spirit of adventure!

Confidence underpins achievement so we  encourage the girls to have a go at new things. The self assurance that comes down from discovering a passion, accepting a fresh challenge and enjoying success outside the classroom can lift academic achievement. Wherever your daughter’s abilities lie, we will nurture her talent and help her to find something at which she can shine.

Our flexible approach means plenty of choice. Teaching is tailored to individual needs: we know who needs stretching and who needs support. This means that girls of all ability do exceptionally well with us. Year after year our value-added performance is outstanding and we have an excellent track record of academic results.

Prior’s Field offers a distinctive high achievement, but at the centre of our concerns is also the sort of young woman your daughter will becomes. Our girls learn to hold true to themselves, to their work ethic, their friends and their humanity. They learn to see obstacles as exciting challenges and to do things because they’re worth doing. They chase their dreams.

Why not visit us? You can book an individual tour on any day of the week or come along to one of our Open Mornings. That way, you can experience the school for yourself and decide of we feel right for your daughter.


Tracy Kirnig