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Prior’s Field Girls illustrate their skills both in and outside the classroom.


As ever, the start of term has been very busy and enjoyable and the opportunities for the girls to illustrate their skills both in and outside the classroom were kicked off with a wonderful turnout at sports trials on Saturday morning, where no amount of rain could dampen the enthusiasm. We do hope many of our new girls will also have taken the opportunity this week to sign up to our exciting array of clubs. – Tracy Kirnig

Congratulations to…

Second Former Amira, who won both the individual and team all-round gold medals, at the South East Regional British Gymnastics Competition last Saturday.

*insert amira gymnastic gallery here*

Third Former Evelyn, on being selected for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad on the basis of her exceptional performance in the UK Junior Mathematics Challenge. The results of the Olympiad, held last term, are just in and Evelyn was awarded a merit certificate and prize.

Fifth Former Eve, for her recent skiing success. Since the start of term, she has competed in her first All England Championship race, coming 10th in an U18 age category, and in the British Championships in Wales.

Dr Goldsmith: on the back of her recent gold in the pair at the Henley Masters, our Head of History last weekend took gold in the women’s eight at the World Masters Rowing Championship in Copenhagen. Too modest to display the medal herself, a Prior’s Field teddy is seen here taking the honours!

* insert teddy here*