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Prior's Field Fourth and Fifth Formers visit Oxford.

Mrs Beresford-Miller reports on a recent visit for girls considering applying to Oxford: “On Tuesday 13 September, 15 girls from the Fourth and Fifth form went to visit Oxford to learn about applying for one of the top universities in the country. As part of our ongoing support for some of our girls with high academic aspirations, the girls were treated to a tour of St. Hilda’s College. After the tour they met with the Senior Tutor for Admissions as well as a recently graduated student to discuss why you might wish to study at Oxford and how to make a competitive application. After experiencing lunch in Hall, the girls walked through the sites of Oxford to the Natural History Museum. Here they experienced a hands on lecture in the museum where they were able to consider evolution by touching both dead and live exhibits. After an ice cream in the sunshine on Magdalen Bridge, we came back to PF full of inspiration of Oxford’s dreaming spires and a future of academic achievement.”