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Prior’s Field Green Power Girls at McLaren.


Our intrepid Greenpower Club girls, and Mr Rood, for their race at Dunsfold last weekend. The Greenpower Educational Trust electric car challenge requires students to design, build and then race an electric car. Prior’s Field’s car, ‘Swish’, had a new motor controller fitted and soldered on by Sixth Formers pre the race. Upper Sixth Former Bethan reports the highlights of race day:

“On 18 September, five Prior’s Field girls went to Greenpower to race cars and eat bacon sandwiches! On our first practice lap Anya casually introduced herself to some lads by crashing into their car at full speed, while they were stationary in the pit lane! Following this we chilled with some McLarens as the first race went underway, we then discovered that Matilda had done a fantastic job and put ‘Swish’ in 10th place, however the batteries died whilst Emma was on the track. In the second race, even though we were overtaken by every single car multiple times, and the last lap was 33 minutes long, Shahira managed to pass the finish line just after the winner! The third race went well, everyone started packing all the tea, chocolate and the gazebo up, even Mr Rood gave a helping hand, and we all got home before tea!”