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Accolades pour in for Prior's Field whole school production of Oliver!

What fabulous performances of ‘Oliver!’ we were treated to this week, with the whole school coming together in what was an astonishing production, each night to a packed audience. My huge thanks to the Drama and Music Departments for bringing out the best in our students. Congratulations to every single girl, whether a member of the cast, band or technical team; you were all essential to delivering such a magnificent performance.
Accolades poured in after each and every performance of ‘Oliver!’ this week. Much praised were the girls’ professionalism, splendid performances – ‘I can honestly envisage her on a London stage’ – and quality of singing – ‘really tight ensemble singing’. Such was the extraordinary calibre and commitment of musicians, from First to Sixth Form, that it was possible to work with a genuine West End arrangement and it was wonderful to watch girls of all ages – some who have only recently started at Prior’s Field – come together to deliver such a phenomenal show.
From her perspective as Head of Learning Support, Mrs Brook writes, ‘It was wonderful for Learning Support Team teachers to see the students with whom we work every day performing so brilliantly and confidently. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties can often find academic work very challenging. They sometimes face failure, knock backs and disappointments that would make most of us just give up. The students gave their commitment and self discipline to the production on top of their regular school work. Their enthusiasm was delightful to see. Drama can give them a chance to shine and know that they can achieve something amazing. Thanks to the wonderful Drama and Music Departments.’