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Prior's Field Parent exhibits 2,000 years old Civil War Artefacts.

Mrs Haddock reports, ‘A sincere thank you to current parent Mr Edwards-Moss, for bringing in some of his Civil War artefacts to show 2F who are currently studying the topic in History. His collection included musket balls, a shattered cannon ball, coins and, the pièce de résistance, a genuine round head helmet. His tales behind the artefacts were fascinating: for example, people in Stuart times wore coins, which they believed had been touched by Charles I, around their necks – as talismans to protect them, because they believed that the King was God’s chosen representative on earth. We ended the session with ‘guess the object’.
Despite some inventive answers – hair slide, cigarette holder, horse bit, a mouth-widening instrument, tongue suppressor – none of us guessed correctly; the item was a 2,000 year old ‘Jew’s harp’ musical instrument. We are very grateful to Mr Edwards-Moss for his invaluable contribution to bringing History alive and a lesson that will be remembered for a long time.’