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Classics and Cakes Concert – Film Themes and Krispy Kremes!


Mr Pratt reports, ‘On Wednesday our Classics and Cakes concert was transformed into ‘Film Themes and Krispy Kremes’! This was a student-run initiative that encouraged our music scholars to play themes from well-known movies with parts of each film projected during each performance. The concert had three intentions: firstly to give the girls a relaxed environment in which to perform; secondly, to give two of our Upper Sixth BTec students the chance to fulfill part of their qualification, to organise and promote an event; and thirdly, to raise a bit of money from the sale of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. So far we have raised over £100 from the experience, and this will fund some useful equipment for the department. There were a total of nineteen performances, too many to name individually, but among the movies represented were Titanic, The Godfather, The Mission, Moulin Rouge, The Deer Hunter and Lady and the Tramp. I can already smell those doughnuts as I anticipate next year’s follow-up gig, ‘TV Themes and Krispy Kremes’……..any excuse!’