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Lower School enjoy Latin trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace on the hottest day of the year.


The summer solstice, the hottest day for over 40 years, provided an appropriately Roman feel for the first and second year Latin trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens as reported by Mrs Page. ‘We marvelled at the stunning mosaic floors and yet again students found that they could not resist also having a go at building a replica of Cogidubnus’ immense Roman palace, but this time with wooden blocks.

The domestic life workshop posed some intriguing questions about the provenance of assorted original Roman artefacts, and our girls responded thoughtfully and intelligently, reporting back on their findings and conclusions. We really felt we were connected with the inhabitants of 2000
years ago, as we examined their fingerprints on the pottery and felt the handle of an ancient glass jug. Perhaps we have some budding archaeologists!
Finally we all enjoyed seeing the transformation of girls into slaves, a Romano- Celtic princess and a Prince, as they donned the costumes and took up the life of those characters. I hadn’t realised we had so many PF girls who wanted to be slaves!’