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Prior’s Field Junior Master Chef 2017


The challenge to contestants in the Junior Masterchef Final was to create six identically decorated petit fours using a sponge base, in an hour and a half. Courtesy of Food Technology’s new rooms in the Arnold Building, complete with blast chiller, girls fast-cooled their sponges before carefully cutting them into identical shapes. Decorating them beautifully to create stand out, the girls put forward their best four for judging by Tante Marie chef, Ally Molyneaux, Miss Teasdale and Mrs Kirnig.

The Winners of the Junior Masterchef Final: in first place was Second Former Katie who created heart-shaped petit fours, with miniature sugar rose decorations, based on a strawberry tea theme; in second place was Second Former Emma, third was Third Former Daisy and highly commended by the judges were Third Formers Freya and Tallulah.

Congratulating all finalists, Ally Molyneaux – Head Teacher at Tante Marie Culinary Academy – said: ‘I have been thoroughly impressed at your standards of cooking, especially considering how young some of you are.’