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EPQs Bound for the Library

The Third Form EPQ is an entirely voluntary undertaking where girls are encouraged to engage with a topic they feel passionately about, research further into it, and write an essay of about 1500-3000 words about their findings. This process was begun in October 2016, and finished in June 2017. They have written about a wide variety of subjects: Racism and Christianity in the USA in the 1960s; What makes a successful pop song; How we make decisions; Is sporting achievement the result of nature or nurture; What is identity; and the History of the Barbie doll – which won the prize for outstanding writing and presenting at the closing event to which parents and teachers were invited. It was very hard to distinguish between the entries as they were so varied, and all reflected the original thinking and great writing which are characteristic of PF girls!

Sixth Form EPQ study skills to British Library

Twenty Sixth Form Students travelled to the British Library Research Skills centre yesterday to attend a Digital Research Workshop.  The girls spent time formulating an initial research question and were given advice on how to conduct research on-line with integrity.  A tour of the Library followed with a fascinating section on how to identify the facts from the fake news on-line.