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Head’s Round Up Friday 20 October 2017


Assembly this morning was led by 2A on the theme of Friendship.  A very fitting end to a week in which we have waved off the First Form to Welsh Bicknor, tasked with just one goal of consolidating their new friendships through; fun, challenges and for many, the first trip away from home.

First Form being off-site facilitated the opportunity to run a Sixth Form Taster day for the current fifth form.  I very much enjoyed dropping in on their taster session in subjects old and new, and hearing their thoughts as to how the day had changed or supported their initial A Level subject shortlist. I am delighted that so many girls are considering the additional benefit of applying for Sixth Form Scholarships.

There was a great deal of colour and light this week not only in storm Ophelia’s sky; but from the electrifying neon of the ’80s Cabaret Evening and the truly beautiful reflections of candlelight and illumination which lit the Boarder’s Diwali dinner yesterday evening.

The theme of friendship is also where we end the week by welcoming back the Class of 1977 for a re-union. Over fifteen Alumni are eager to return and re-live happy memories and pore over some of the photographs of their teenage selves in seventies style!  The PF motto of the day: To Live by Admiration, Hope and Love’ is just as relevant today as the Second Form concluded this morning with these words from their assembly:  “We don’t need to be best friends with everyone, but we can be (and are), kind, tolerant, inclusive and make everyone feel valued”

Wishing you a wonderful half-term break

Tracy Kirnig