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Head's Round Up – Friday 17 November 2017


I would like to extend my special congratulations this week to the Drama Department and all 33 First to Fourth Formers who delivered a simply spell-binding performance of ‘Macbeth’ last week at G Live Guildford, and then again on Monday to Year 6 students at Waverley Abbey Junior School. The ambitious pace continued this week as both the Drama and Music Departments put finishing touches to their much-anticipated production of Les Misérables.
It was a pleasure to meet so many parents this week.  Firstly at our detective themed Preview Day where 140 prospective  parents joined us for coffee to view a giant photo montage of all the code-breaking fun the girls had cracked during the day.  Then again, both at our Senior Leadership Team presentation on Tuesday evening – covering key areas from the curriculum, to uniform, a facilities overview and boarding – and at our Upper Sixth Parents’ Evening. We would be pleased to have any feedback, particularly on the Tuesday evening event – please email headspa@priorsfieldschool.com.
Thank you to everyone who is working hugely hard on preparations for the PSA Christmas Fair, next Saturday 25 November from 11am to 3pm. From raffle ticket and Christmas pud buying to baking and coming on the day itself, there are many ways to be involved; we are very appreciative of all that the PSA does to make this important event such a wonderful success for our school.
Tracy Kirnig