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Head’s Round Up – Friday 24 November 2017


Tonight will see the cast and crew of ‘Les Misérables’ come together one last time, to give their fifth and final performance of the week. What an astounding achievement these performances have been. Each audience – and at the Tuesday matinée this included over 110 pupils from local prep schools, as well as 10 former members of staff and several visitors from Busbridge Church’s Prime Time group – was dazzled by the professionalism, realism and emotion of the performances. Huge congratulations to everyone involved – this was a massive and brave undertaking to which our girls rose with aplomb! In order to do this fantastic production justice there will be a highly pictorial review piece in next week’s newsletter.

Prior’s Field will be a hive of activity tomorrow. On the crest of our U12A and B success at Tormead last week, the PE Department is welcoming schools for a netball tournament first thing in the morning. From 11.00am to 3.00pm, doors will open for our PSA Christmas Fair, which promises to be both a fun and effortless way to pick up imaginative Christmas presents. A special mention to those boarders who have spent their evenings this week making wrapping paper packs, decorations and notebooks for sale at the Fair, all proceeds going to charity. Do support this event by coming along tomorrow, if you can.

Tracy Kirnig