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Head’s Commendations – Friday 1 December 2018

Awarded by:

Mr Butler to First Former Marnie, winner of the Freedom Poetry Competition; also to First Formers Georgia and Maisy for Highly Commended Freedom Poems; also to First Formers Erin, Robyn and Sophie, for superb comparative essays in English.

Mrs Furey to Fifth Formers Brydie and Stephanie and Fourth Former Evelyn, for achieving full marks in three consecutive French vocabulary tests.

Mrs Jan to Sixth Formers Alice and Anna, for attentive and perceptive participation in this week’s Psychology Conference.

Mrs Kirnig to Fifth Former Hazel, for her fantastic organisation of the Fifth Form Christmas Fair stall.

Ms McGarry to Third Formers Abbi, Amber, Georgina, Elodie, Emily and Sacha, for inspiring English presentations.

Ms Paterson to Third Formers Anika and Jennifer, for outstanding RS projects on animal rights issues.