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Sixth Form Channel Challenge

A truly team effort saw staff and students successfully Row the Channel and back in reception last Friday, in a Lower Sixth fundraising drive for Tinga Tinga primary school in Tanzania. Dr Goldsmith thanked all those who supported the achievement: ‘You will be pleased to know that we successfully avoided cross-channel ferries and container ships and made it back to Blighty at 5pm today. We also raised just under £200 for the Row the Channel bit of today’s fundraising! (More to come from Christmas jumper and giraffe money.) This is brilliant news, so thank you very much to all the many staff and students who did their bit to help reach our total of 75,200 metres. Special mention to Mr Kinder and to Mr McLean for rowing 5,000 and 10,000 metres respectively and please pass on thanks to all those who so very generously donated money.’