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Word of the Week End of Term Challenge

Vehemence, Stultify, Gallivant, Prosaic, Puckish, Edify, Halcyon, Adjure, Soporific

The Word of the Week End of Term Challenge!

Prodigious Prizes for the best (or silliest) story or poem utilising all this term’s words.

Email your entries to Mr Butler by the beginning of next term, please

 Last week’s word, gallivant, is a fairly late addition to English, appearing in the early 19th Century, probably from the noun ‘gallant’ – a slightly ironic term for a man who seeks ‘pleasure’. The verb means ‘to roam around actively seeking pleasure’, and Second Former Alexandra’s sentence ‘He gallivanted around, looking at all the circuses in town’ is a spot on exemplification. She is chocolate recipient this week.