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Head’s Commendations – Friday 2 March 2018

Awarded by :

  • Ms Furey, to Second Formers Kaelin, Tabitha, Annabel and Daisy for excellent leaflets written in French about different French towns.
  • Mrs Rusholme, to Fourth Former Evelyn, and Second Formers Elle and Natalie for excellent test results in Mathematics this year.
  • Ms Treanor, to Second Former Charlotte, for writing a superb letter outlining the problems of living in a squatter settlement.
  • Mr Butler, to Sixth Formers Rachael and Bethan, for excellent English Coursework.
  • Mr Rood, to Fifth Formers Lucy N and Natasha C, for excellent organisation, work and effort in arranging the Pankhurst House Drama production.

Well done to you all!