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Head’s Commendations – Friday 9 March 2018

Awarded by :

  • Ms Treanor, to Fourth Former Leah, for producing some really thorough data analysis as a result of her Coin Street fieldwork.
  • Mrs Furey, to Fourth Formers Phoebe, Tamsin and Evelyn, for achieving three full marks (20/20) in vocab tests in French.
  • Dr Smith, to Third Formers Kelsi, Isabelle and Greta for achieving 100% in GCSE level Chemistry test on Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table.
  • Mr Marrison, to First Former Sophie F, for producing her own website about thermal decomposition reactions!
  • Mr Sapseid, to Sixth Former Rebecca, for showing great initiative in sending her EPQ on ‘Cyberbullying’ to Kensington Palace and receiving a reply from Prince William’s Private Secretary.
  • Mr Sapseid, to Sixth Former Emma, who has been selected to compete in the Junior Commonwealth Fencing team in July.

Well done to you all!