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There are three areas you can support with individual or regular gifts. We greatly appreciate your contribution, it will make a difference.


"We were delighted to make a donation towards a bursary. Prior's Field has a very strong family tradition and history of 'giving'. This is our way of supporting that" 

"As a family we contribute to a number of charities. We couldn't think of anything more worthwhile than helping a girl in difficult circumstances come to Prior's Field. By supporting the Foundation we can make a real difference."


"Having attended the school myself, I am amazed when I see the wonderful developments since I left. I want to make sure that Prior's Field continues to thrive for many years to come and I am very happy to help with a donation towards future projects."

"As a member of staff I am happy to be supporting the Foundation with a monthly contribution. Education is the best way to transform young lives."


"I am pleased to be making a donation and prefer to leave it to the Head to allocate my gift where it is most needed."

Thank you for your support.