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We have continued to have a steady stream of visitors through the Rose Garden and beyond, following the AppArt trail, which is growing daily as new pieces seem to appear overnight. I have watched out of my window groups of excited children from St Hilary’s and Moss Lane examining the display, and yesterday we welcomed First Form friends and family who came to our Relatives’ Day, one of my favourite Prior’s Field events. The First Form were excellent hosts and tour guides and proudly showed their guests around their school, pointing out their favourite spots and interesting sights – like the Head, for example!

Another treat this week has been to listen to some of Mr Butler’s and Mrs McGarry’s Second Form girls read their creative writing, which was powerful, evocative and, frankly, quite terrifying! I look forward to hearing more after the holidays.

I have had the privilege over the last few days of attending as a guest two local school productions: ‘My Fair Lady’ at Manor House (with acting Director of Music for the show, our very own Mr Pratt) and ‘Hoodwinked’ at Longacre. They were both a complete joy to share with smiling parents and staff. The hat-trick was completed when Mrs Wilcock saw ‘The Jungle Book’ at St Hilary’s, another huge success. Congratulations to everyone concerned with all those shows; the hard work is worth it for the pleasure they bring.

Our own girls who attended the Annual Sports Dinner on Tuesday were both inspired by the speaker, Rachel Morris, and inspiring, as many received awards for their achievements. The celebrations of sporting success that evening were a precursor to our Presentation Assembly this morning, when a multitude of awards for a huge number of activities, both academic and co-curricular, were presented to many girls who were quite rightly beaming with delight.

Last night, our Digital Awareness pastoral evening was an important event with an outside speaker; the parents who came were very engaged and interested. We plan similar talks for the future and I would really encourage you to attend so that we can work together to ensure that your daughter is equipped for life beyond Prior’s Field. We will let you know when we have firmed up the date of our next event.

I am conscious that, for many, the holidays mean revision and I know that girls will be working hard to make progress towards their goals. I do hope, however, that everyone has the opportunity to have a rest. Let’s hope that we see more of the sun than snow in the weeks ahead.

With best wishes for a happy Easter

Tracy Kirnig


  • The winner of the school’s 500 word story competition is Third Former Emma B for her story ‘A New World’. We loved the way she imagined the feeling of being in space, and that the new world she describes is simply a new way of describing our old one. Her use of form and structure was challenging as well – it really is a great piece of work.
  • First Former superstar skier Molly won the Finale Coupe D’Argent Girls U12 racing against la crème de la crème of French skiers. Another amazing result!Molly Skiing


Awarded by :

  • Ms Treanor, to First Former Matilda D, for her impressive use of GIS and graphical techniques on her fieldwork enquiry
  • Mr Starnes, to Third Formers Phoebe, Charlotte C, Tabitha and Amira for showing excellent independent learning skills, thorough research, and a creative and thoughtful personal response on their Religious Studies memorial projects
  • Mrs Morwood, to First Formers Robyn, Lily, Norah, Freya and Sophie F, Second Former Natalie, and Third Formers Freya W and Mabel, for all of their contributions to the Debating team this year
  • Mrs Culebras, to Second Formers Madeline H, Eleanor and Isobel for presenting beautiful, accurate and innovative brochures about different Spanish cities
  • Mrs Allen, to Sixth Formers Emily B and Rebecca V, for their Biology independent research
  • Mrs Furey, to Fourth Former Jemma, for achieving full marks in three French vocabulary tests in a row

Well done to you all!


Relatives Day March 2018

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Thursday’s Relatives Day was a great success, the First Formers welcomed over 160 of their relations into school for a personal tour and tea. It was heartening to see many of the girls and their grandparents and other family members exploring the beautiful AppArt sculptures in the Rose Garden. For many of the relatives, it was the first opportunity they have had to visit the school, and it was plain to see that they cherished being shown around by their special tour guides. We received some super feedback, one parent wrote ‘I just wanted to email in to thank you very much for organising Relatives Day.  My mother, who lives alone, called me when she returned home to tell me how much she had enjoyed the day.  She also remarked how the school had such a lovely atmosphere and that everyone was so friendly and she feels comfort knowing our daughter is in such an environment.  The day meant a lot to her as I am sure it did to other grandparents’.


It has been wonderful to finally have some sunshine this week and what better timing than for our House Sports event on Wednesday.

In the glorious sunny rays – First, Second and Third Formers took to the netball courts while the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form girls showed off their skills in hockey and football. The atmosphere was fantastic with everyone either participating or cheering each other on. Each house took wins throughout all the different tournaments which has led to some very close results.

1st – Austen (26 points)

2nd – Frank  (22 points)

3rd –  Pankhurst (17 points)


On Tuesday evening we welcomed the inspirational Rachel Morris as our guest speaker at the Annual PF Sports Dinner. Growing up in Farnham, Rachel is our very own local Paralympic heroine who has overcome many challenges in her personal life. She initially started competing as a Paralympic cyclist before suffering a horrific accident which subsequently led to Rachel changing disciplines and becoming a rower. Along with winning several World Titles, Rachel has also won two gold medals and a bronze medal. She achieved her gold medals at the Beijing Olympics as a hand cyclist as well as in Rio in the women’s single sculls rowing and her bronze was won in London for cycling.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed Rachel’s talk and were extremely interested in the message she delivered. They asked plenty of questions and were really keen to learn and understand as much as possible. Thank you to everyone who attended the evening, which was fantastic, and well done to all those who received awards on the night.


The boarders were in early Easter spirits when they spent Monday evening decorating chocolate eggs before enjoying the delicious fruits of their labour.




The House Music and House Choir results are in! Mr Pratt has announced the following winners of the competition that took place back in February. Well done to all the winners!

Overall Results :




Best House Final : Austen
Most First Round Entries Frank
Most Entertaining Choir : Frank
Most Musical Choir : Austen
Best Rehearsed Choir : Frank
Best Choir Director : Sixth Former Sammi B (Pankhurst)
Best Overall Performer : Sixth Former Chloe P (Austen)
Best Austen Performance : Fifth Former Millie W (Austen)
Best Frank Performance : Third Former Kelsi T (Frank)
Best Pankhurst Performance : Fourth Former Evelyn M,violin (Pankhurst)
Best Vocal Performance : Fifth Former Imogen R (Frank)
Most Promising Vocalists : Second Former Alice W (Pankhurst)
Third Former Lottie C (Pankhurst)
Most Promising Pianist : Third Former Phoebe A (Frank)
Best Woodwind Performance : Third Former Poppy D (Pankhurst)
Best Brass Performance : Fifth Former Brydie A (Austen)
Most Promising String Player : Second Former Megan R (Austen)
Best Vocalist Instrumentalists : Second Former Mia B (Austen)
Second Former Ella (Pankhurst)
Best Ensemble : Third Formers Izzy & Eloise (Frank)
Director of Music Awards : Fourth Former Daisy E (Austen)
Third Former Katie G (Austen)
Third Former Boe T (Austen)
Sixth Former Emily B (Frank)
Fourth Former Tallulah H (Frank)
First Former Robyn M (Frank)
Sixth Former Holly G (Pankhurst)
Second Former Phoebe J (Pankhurst)
Fourth Former Grace S (Pankhurst)

Sport Relief Riotous Race

Before they spent time at an important UCAS presentation looking forward to their exciting futures, the Sixth Form organised a fun run with a twist on Wednesday to raise money for Sport Relief. They draughted in some teaching legends to take part in a ‘High Heel Race’. The winner by a square mile in speed and style was Ricky, our Head Chef, who got off to a cracking start, wearing a beautiful pink dress! It was a good effort from all the other competitors; Mrs Allen, Mr Butler, Mrs Horton, Mr Marrison and Mrs McGarry but the pack couldn’t catch up with the breakneck baker!

History Conference

Mrs Haddock reports ‘After a successful rendez-vous under the clock at Waterloo Station I and a select party of Sixth Form Historians headed off to be enlightened on the finer details of Russia’s rulers at a revision conference on Russia 1855-1964.

The speakers were all leaders in their field and provided some fascinating insights into Russian History as well as some top tips on question analysis. The talks covered key examination questions including the collapse of Tsarism and the success or otherwise of Stalin’s rule. Inevitably, comparisons between Stalin and Putin were made and we came away with the depressing thought that, perhaps the very nature of Russia and its people, leant itself to some form of strong leadership. The discussion that followed was testament to the intellectual ability of the girls and their capacity to absorb lots of information over a short time period.  A day well-spent!’



MasterChef Heats

Mrs Teasdale reports ‘The Third Form Food classes held their MasterChef Heats last Friday. They were set the task to design and make a healthy, well balanced two course meal that satisfied the government’s current dietary guidelines. The standard of work was superb and I am delighted to announce that our next two contestants for the final in June are Third Former Ella L, who made her own pesto topped salmon served with couscous and vegetables followed by high protein chocolate pancakes, and Third Former Georgia S who made a superb Panang chicken with rice and stir-fried vegetables which she served with vegetarian spring rolls and dipping sauces. Fabulous cooking and two very well deserved winners. Congratulations!’

Careers Talks

There was a good turnout for Monday’s careers talk as Fleur Holcroft spoke about her role as a Media Communications Producer. She imparted excellent advice to the girls, and encouraged them to seek out a mentor and offer guidance to other girls who would benefit from their support. As well as talking about her specific career path, she also made frequent reference to essential employability and life skills.

As with all the careers talks this year, it was a very inspiring and insightful session with nuggets of gold for those considering their options or career choices.