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Quotes from Prior's Field Girls

"I feel at home here."

"The teachers make me want to learn."

"I love the people and I always have a good time"

"I feel nurtured and comfortable in the environment."

"Boarding is great as it means you don't have the hassle of leaving school every night to go to and from home. And it's fun!"

"School is like a second home to me." 

"There is always such a warm and a happy atmosphere."

"You are always encouraged to do your very best." 

"The Boarding House is like your family." 

"Boarding is an experience I will never forget.  Living with close friends and within a small community of girls is fun and enjoyable.  I have so many memories of boarding - it wouldn't be the same if I wasn't at Prior's Field.  I have met friends for life here, and love every living moment!" 

"The first day I came to board I was greeted with friendly faces and smiles. I felt really welcome and have settled in very quickly."

One Girl's Experience of Boarding at Prior's Field

My name is Clare and I started boarding from the age of 12 at Prior’s Field School. I have lived abroad my whole life, and my family decided that my sister and I needed a constant environment  during our GCSEs and A-Levels. We had looked at many other schools that offered boarding in the Surrey area and selected Prior’s Field due to the atmosphere we felt when looking around.

The atmosphere created here is a major part of the school.  It is indescribable; you need to be here to feel it. Settling in was no issue due to the amazing staff. I feel lucky to say I have 2 families; my parents and sisters, and then in boarding where I have lived in both junior and sixth form houses. Both have been filled with adventure and excitement.  However I would be lying if I told you it was constantly rainbows and smiles. There have been arguments and tears, but we are always able to pull through and work things out.

A typical day involves a lot of work in the main building.  I find it amazing how the school changes during the times of 7.00am to 6.00pm and this is when most teachers and day pupils arrive. However, as long as you have no clubs or activities the day ends at 4.10pm, and the fun starts. We tend to have many discussions about being full boarders and we feel that we get the best of life here. We are able to enjoy the weekends like any normal girl would if they lived at home, while always being among friends. Weekend activities are available in the junior household, from Thorpe Park to London Dungeons.  The full boarders can always make suggestions about what they’d like to do. Sixth form are always invited to join them if they wish.

As mobile phones are becoming more and more involved in everyday life, you find you have no issues with keeping in contact with any friends or family. If a friend comes to visit you, the boarding house allows you to go out for meals or stay out for the weekend,  as long as you are given permission from all the adults involved. During exeat I normally stay with a family friend, or with my friends at their houses. During half-term and longer holidays normally return home to see my family, but I tend to come back during the summer for a week or two.

I have been offered a place at Royal Agricultural College in order to further my education after sixth form.

It is impossible to tell you what the best thing has been but the people I have boarded with have made boarding my best life experience so far. I would recommend it to anyone. Boarding has made me become more confident and more accepting of others.

I am scared at the thought of leaving - not for what the future may hold, but due to the idea that this amazing, building filled with exciting and inspirational people, will no longer be with me every day. I am proud and honoured to call it my home.

ISI Inspection: "There is an international dimension to the school's family atmosphere"