The week in pictures

64% Level 9 to 7 and we’re in Heaven!

Class of 2019 have delivered a triumphant tally of top grades to give Prior’s Field their best ever year with 64% of all GCSEs gained by our girls being Level 9 to 7 which is a full 6% increase on 2018 results and beating the previous 2010 record year. Level 9 to 6 being 79% and a pass rate of 97%.

There were celebrations of every sort. A trio of girls with nine Level 9s include Kariella Keane, Jemma Lebus and Imogen Wareham, who are also part of a fabulous five including Emma Stewart who not only achieved a Level 9 in Maths but added an A* in Further Maths  and Level 3 Algebra, as the icing on the cake. Leah Coxell also achieved 10 GCSEs, with 7  Level 9s, one Level 8, a Level 7 and Level 3 Algebra. The new Head of Maths has decisively proved he has an unbeatable formula for achievement. Two thirds of the year obtaining Maths GCSE Level 9 to 7 in a January sitting and a third of them adding a Further Maths or Level 3 Algebra to their successes.

Once again the Science and Geography departments were also celebrating significant success. 30% of the year achieved a Level 9 in Biology and Chemistry, but Geography topped the charts however, with 100% of pupils achieving an amazing Level 9 to 6.

The true chart topper however is pupil Zelah Smith, who despite suffering from Glandular Fever and a burst appendix during her GCSEs achieved a fantastic five Level 9s and three Level 8s.

Tracy Kirnig said “We are bowled over by the girls’ wonderful achievements this year.  We take a broad cohort here but our aim is to ensure that every girl reaches her full potential and this year has been no exception and indeed our best ever! Congratulations to an amazing group of girls and staff “


Oxford, St Andrews, Liverpool and Exeter are just some of the Universities which Prior’s Field’s super star Sixth Form will be heading to in September. We are celebrating some of the best individual results for some years and are delighted by the kaleidoscope of talent and interests which sees girls embarking on courses in:  Medicine, Material Sciences, Archaeology, Midwifery and Modern Foreign Languages, to name but a few.

The Class of 2019 achieved 59% A*-B with 34% A* – A and with 7 girls celebrating all As and A*s.  Head Girl, Martha Simmonds has secured a place at Corpus Christi College at Oxford to read Material Science, having achieved 3 A*s in Chemistry, Maths and Physics. Martha’s long-term friend Megan Wood, matched her A* in Maths with an A* in both French and Spanish and is eager to join Exeter this autumn, to read Modern Foreign Languages.  Rebecca Haynes is a budding medic who set her sights on bonnie Scotland.  She achieved an amazing 2 A*s in Biology and Maths and A in Chemistry.  She will commence her degree in Medicine at St Andrews.  Haslemere-based Hannah Crosby achieved A* in English, with A in History and Biology and chose Liverpool as her destination to read Anthropology and Archaeology.

Tracy Kirnig, Head commented: ”The breadth and diversity of talent we have seen this year is astounding and we are so delighted at the wonderful results which are so richly deserved by girls and teachers alike.  Our ability to deliver right across the curriculum has never been more evident with top results across, Art, Maths, Physics, and Languages.”

A full table of results is given below:


A*-A% Distinction A*-B% A*-C% Merit A*-D%
Art 100 100 100 100
Biology 33.3 41.7 75 91.7
Business 14.3 42.9 57.1 100
Chemistry 37.5 37.5 62.5 87.5
Chinese 100 100 100 100
Drama 16.7 50 100 100
Photography 40 100 100 100
Economics 0 80 80 100
English Literature 16.7 66.7 66.7 100
French 100 100 100 100
Geography 28.6 71.4 85.7 100
History 50 100 100 100
Mathematics 60 80 90 100
Music 0 0 100 100
PE 0 0 100 100
Physics 100 100 100 100
Psychology 5.3 31.6 68.4 100
Religious Studies 33.3 66.7 66.7 66.7
Spanish 100 100 100 100
Textiles 33.3 66.7 100 100
Music Tech 100 100 100 100
Food, Nutrition and Health 67 67 100 100
Russian 100 100 100 100
Physics 100 100 100 100