The Prior's Field Foundation

The Prior's Field Foundation is the school's own charity. It was created to mark the 110th anniversary of the opening of the school in 1902. The Foundation supports development beyond the scope of fees in the provision of full bursaries and improvements to learning facilities.

Founded by Julia Huxley, a pioneeer of progressive education for women, Prior's Field has always encouraged girls to look out into the world and help those less fortunate than themselves. A history of philanthropy at PF includes a long association with a home for disabled children in London and assistance to German refugees during World War II.

Prior's Field opened in a house designed by leading Arts and Crafts architect C F A Voysey. Still central to the school, its design has influenced the subsequent development of the Prior's Field and helped define its unique character. The heart, one of Voysey's favourite signature motifs, features throughout the original building. The Foundation has adopted it as its symbol to represent ideals central to its founding ethos.

Many of the school's attractive facilities, including the Burton Brown Library and the Sports Hall, have been supported by past generations of alumnae and parents. The Prior's Field Foundation carries this tradition forward and with the generous help of individual donors, The Old Girls Society and the PSA, we have our first Foundationers in the school today.

Thank you to all our supporters - past, present and yet to come.

The Prior's Field Foundation team