GSA Girls' Boarding & Day School 11–18

Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2RH

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Cool clubs

Hi all! We have been at Prior's Field for one year. Well done for getting in! The next step is not to panic. Prior's Field is so much fun so sit down, get a cup of cocoa and relax.

The first thing we're going to tell you about is clubs.

There are a massive 40+ clubs to choose from which run at various times of the day. There is bound to be one that suits you.

So what is there?

If you're a sporty person then that's great, as there are many clubs you can take part in. Some choices include: early morning running or swimming, afternoon tennis, athletics and rounders - to name a few. Or you could branch out and try cheer-leading or canoeing or horse-riding or gymnastics.

If sport's not for you, then there is still plenty to choose from! How about these for starters:

  • Funky food cooking
  • Drama
  • Rock and pop
  • Greenpower car
  • Choir
  • Aerobics
  • Shooting
  • Art
  • Debating
  • Photography
  • Foreign films
  • Green club
  • School magazine

and much, much more!

You'll be given a clubs booklet at the start of the year and you should go through it (perhaps let your parents look at it too) and decide what clubs to join. You can talk it through with your Form Tutors too - to make sure they're not clashing with Music and Sports commitments too.

What can you get out of it?

There is a club somewhere for you. All of the clubs are great fun TRY ONE. Trust me, you will love one of them. I enjoy horse riding which is really fun because we sometimes get to play games. Whichever club you choose to do, you can be sure that if you put your best in, you will get the best out of it. You will make new friends, learn new skills and most of all, you'll have a lot of fun!

We hope to see you in one of them next year!