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When you start at the beginning of term, your teacher will give you a prep diary. In that diary there is a section for notes, where you can put little reminders of things so you don't forget them. There is a table that you can fill in with all the clubs you will take up in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and a prep timetable that your teacher will help you complete. In that table you will write the prep you get on every night.

You get several preps each night and will be guided on how much time to spend doing each prep. (This does vary a little bit, but if you find that your prep is taking you longer than expected you should tell your teacher, so that they can change the kind of prep you do.)

Altogether, in the First Form you will spend around one hour on prep each night. Preps will all be different. Some will involve preparing ahead for the lesson; some will involve using IT; some will involve learning things. Variety is the spice of life!

All prep will be put up on Frog, our school VLE. Frog also has loads of resources and links to websites and other information.

Your diary includes a list of teachers, where you can fill in the names of the teachers who teach you for each subject. There is a timetable grid, and dates like Open Days and when different terms start and end. There is also a section about how your prep should be done and the different grades you will get. It is in your best interest to do your prep well, complete all of it and keep it neat and tidy. If you can't do some of the work, make sure you see your teacher to seek help.  (They are always really keen to help and really pleased that you have asked for it - honestly!)

Don't forget the subject workshops if you need help with prep. (Don't tell your parents about the workshops because they will keep nagging you to go to them!)