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The Science Department at Prior's Field is a fantastic place to learn. The facilities are great.

Experiments are fun and you sometimes go outside to do them. You may even go to the school pond and research wildlife there! Inside, we use microscopes and test tubes etc.

An example of an experiment we did recently was when we went to the school field and used quadrats. After that, we created tables for our data about what plants and weeds we found on the field. We found grass, daisies, worm holes, mud and other weeds. (I know, it doesn't sound like amazing discoveries - but you never know when you'll come upon the buried treasure!)

The department also has a wormery, to help with waste reduction and a pond, which girls cleared out during activities week.

Science teachers are always there to help you with your work. They challenge you and help you improve in the subject.  You may think that science could be boring, but here at Prior's Field, it's something else!