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Top Tips for New Girls

Just carry the things you need for each lesson in your bag. The bags can get really heavy sometimes if you put too many things in them! (From time to time, clear up the notes in your files - especially in the summer term, otherwise, you'll end up carrying around every day, notes you took two terms ago!)

It's a good idea to keep some spare hair ties in your bag. I've found this to be a great idea because you can lend them to your friends and also use them yourself.

Remember to write all your prep in your diary.

It's really important to check your school emails every day and to look at the Frog notices.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

You can bring pictures and things to stick in your locker. It's nice to make it feel like yours. Do get a lock for your locker too - a padlock is best. Keep your files and locker organised.  You can always borrow books from the library; just remember to return them on time.

Always look ahead. For example, if you have games first thing on Monday, make sure you take your games kit home on Friday and come to school dressed in your games kit. The teacher will remind you but you also have to remember yourself.

Always do your best and make sure your work is as neat as you can make it and take pride in your work.

Talk to your Form Tutor or your prefect. They're there to help and it's sometimes really good to get things off your chest.

At the start of term, go through the school calendar and write down all the things that you might want to go to or are involved in. If you put them in your planners - it will help you to stay organised. (It's sometimes quite a good idea to get your parents to look at them too.)