GSA Girls' Boarding & Day School 11–18

Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2RH

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Prior's Field is essentially a boarding school with a boarding school ethos.

Each pupil is offered the opportunity to develop, learn and experience in a safe, and happy environment. Encouraging independence, self reliance and co-operation is an important part of what we do, but boarding is also about having fun and making friends for life.

Boarders are able to take part in all after school clubs and activities, and still have time later to get on with prep before relaxing at bedtime.

Boarding falls into two main categories: full boarding and weekly boarding. Space permitting we are also able to accommodate day girls for occasional stays.

Full boarders usually have parents based overseas, and will have an appointed guardian in the UK. The girls spend weekends at school taking part in the varied programme of activities and then go out with guardians or friends for exeats and half terms.

Many families choose weekly boarding as it suits the needs of modern busy families; other girls are full boarders. Weekly boarders enjoy all the benefits of boarding but choose to leave school on Friday night or Saturday morning, and return either Sunday night or Monday morning, although they can stay to join any of the weekend activities, if they choose.

Trips, outings and activities are planned every weekend. These include ice-skating, bowling, theme-parks, London museums and galleries, theatre visits, lunches and dinners out, concerts and shopping.

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