Induction Programme

I love the people and I always have a good time, and I feel nurtured and comfortable in the environment.

Boarder on Boarding Environment

Boarding Induction Programme

New boarders are welcomed into Prior’s Field by staff and current girls. Those joining year 7 will have a residential trip as part of their induction, whilst those joining year 12 take part in a separate programme designed to bring out self motivation, bonding and leadership. Girls joining other year groups will receive an induction from their Year Leader.

All boarders are assigned a boarding buddy to help them settle. The size of Prior’s Field means that no pupil is ever invisible and any problems with homesickness or settling in are picked up quickly. Boarding staff are in frequent touch with parents by telephone or email to ensure that all pupils are fully supported as they adapt to a new environment and culture.


International Induction Programme

The International Induction Programme takes place during the first weekend of the Autumn Term and involves EAL testing to assess the level of support needed for lessons, as well as sessions with boarding staff to discuss cultural issues and social customs associated with living in the UK. Year 13 boarders lead a more informal session, where new girls can ask them questions about school life, boarding and living in the UK.

Boarding staff communicate with parents and guardians, all of whom are invited to attend school functions, including drama productions, teatime concerts and lectures by external speakers. Guardians are also encouraged to take an active part in the boarders’ lives, by taking them out for dinner or home for the occasional weekend.


The pastoral care is fantastic. Day girls are envious of the boarders and wish they could board too, because of all the fun they have.

Boarder Parent on Pastoral Care