Achieving Pastorally

Prior’s Field girls are self-confident and secure, speak modestly about their own success and show their pride in the achievements of others.

ISI Report 2016 – Section 4.8

A positive and friendly community

Ours is a positive, friendly community that guides each girl to discover who she wants to be. It is a successful mix: dynamic and academic, but at the same time well balanced and enabling.

Our underlying aim is that girls are happy and achieving their very best. It is important to us that every day, each girl is able to do something that she loves, that she is good at and where she has the potential to excel. The school’s ethos is characterised as one of ‘rigour, underpinned by kindness’. People are at the heart of a Prior’s Field education.

pastoral picture of girls

Promoting integrity, respect and generosity

We are not a school that is driven by impersonal systems or petty rules because we don’t need to be. Integrity, respect for others and generosity of spirit have real value in our community. Girls understand their rights and their responsibilities in equal measure. They understand what the school expects of them and have high expectations of themselves.

A vibrant tutor and house system is supported by specialist year teams. This ensures a strong emphasis on pastoral care throughout. Successes are celebrated immediately: problems nipped in the bud swiftly. Your daughter will always have someone to turn to.

The girls have a strong voice and we are committed to listening. Their concerns and interests are reflected in our green agenda, charity and service projects. They want to make a difference and their experience of leadership starts here.



Austen House

Frank House

Pankhurst House

Award winning catering

The food at Prior’s Field is truly excellent. We are very proud of our talented and award winning catering team, who produce an exceptional standard of delicious, healthy and freshly prepared fare every day. Those with special dietary requirements are offered an equally tempting range of meal choices. Our commitment to the girls is to serve a nutritious and appetising menu that supports their learning and extracurricular activities, as well as sustaining them as they develop into young women. Fittingly, our Head Chef Ricky recently received the Chartwells’ Gold Whisk Award, recognising the highest level of achievement in craft skills, training and kitchen business management.

Spring Term – Sample Lunch Menu