GSA Girls' Boarding & Day School 11–18

Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2RH

Tel: +44 (0)1483 810551

Individual Learning Styles

All pupils have individual learning needs and a programme is in place for the exceptionally able. The Co-ordinator ensures that pupils who are identified are appropriately catered for, through differentiation in lessons and activities beyond the classroom.

Girls who are awarded scholarships take part in a range of extension activities, trips and visits to develop their many talents and academic passions. This programme is co-ordinated by our Academic Deputy Head who also oversees the Oxbridge programme, helping to prepare students for competitive courses and university entry.

Oxbridge Dinner

Prior's Field also has excellent provision for girls who need support with Maths, English or with mild dyslexia. Our Learning Support Department comprises specialist teachers who assess the girls on entry and offer individual, pair or group tuition overseen by a head of department. In addition, when girls join the school, they are taught touch-typing, study skills and library research skills. For some girls one foreign language is more appropriate than two and, in this case, specialist support teaching is provided instead.

All pupils are seen as having individual learning needs and different styles of learning.  Teaching is tailored to address these requirements and differentiation is an important strategy used in the classroom.  This allows teachers to provide support for those who need it and to ensure that the exceptionally able are stretched and challenged.  A variety of approaches are used within lessons, such as group and pair work, and there are plenty of opportunities for independent learning and the use of ICT and  multi media resources. The KS3 curriculum covers study and research skills, touch typing, debating and philosophy.  Our aim is to teach pupils  how to become independent, discerning thinkers who make the most of  their varied talents, interests and abilities.