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Design Technology

In Design Technology students change and redesign objects to make them fit their own ideas.

In doing this, they find out more about materials and their properties and how to use them, as well as experimenting with new manufacturing processes and techniques.

1st Form: Desk Tidies

First year technology students were given a design brief to come up with a creative idea to tidy a desk. They chose a target market and designed a desk tidy according to this target market's needs.

They completed a design folder where they created 3D sketches of their ideas, made a full scale card model of their chosen idea and tested to see if it functioned.

Practically they learned how to work with a range of machines and hand tools in order to shape MDF and plastic. They practised how to use a number of plastic processes like vacuum forming, line bending and injection moulding.

During the six week module they also learned about nets and they used the 2D design software to produce a CAD drawing of their nets. There are two CAM machines in the DT Lab and they used the engraver to cut their nets out of acrylic. The plotter was used to cut the vinyl stickers which they designed.

All the components were assembled safely and the stickers were transferred to produce a professional product. Below are some of their designs.






2nd Form: Timers

The second form are working on a systems and control project. Their brief is to design and make a timer for a specific application.

They must complete a design folder which supports their practical work. They learned about a number of components like capacitors and resistors and they have to solder a complete working circuit using the solder iron.

During the six week unit they also learned about sublimation printing and used the 2D design software to produce a CAD drawing for their covers. They used fret saws and the pillar drill as well as a range of hand tools to cut and shape the covers.

3rd Form: Jewellery

In the third form, pupils work on jewellery designs. They choose a target market and design a piece of pewter jewellery according to the target market's needs.

They complete a design folder, producing 8 creative ideas sketched in 3D. After they have evaluated their designs, a full scale card model is manufactured and ideas are modified where needed.

During the six week module they also learn about CAD/CAM and they use the 2D design software to produce a CAD drawing of their mould. The engraver is used to rout their designs into MDF.

A number of metal work processes are covered and the girls learn how to cast jewellery using pewter. With lots of patience and care they sand and buff their pieces to create a professional finish. They also have the opportunity to add engraving or enamelling to their products.

All the components are carefully assembled using the solder irons where needed. Below are some of their designs.






GCSE Choices

Girls who are interested in taking Design Technology as a GCSE option can choose between the Resistant Materials and Graphic Products courses.