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At the beginning of the month, a small group of the First, Second and Third Formers took part in a SATRO schools problem solving event at George Abbot School. SATRO is an educational charity and social enterprise aimed at inspiring children in all aspects of the working world, particularly Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  The challenge facing our problem solvers was to build, in a ninety minute time limit, a free standing structure using the resources provided. Points were given for both the vertical and horizontal distance from the base, furthermore points were quadrupled if the structure had a functioning light at its extremity. As this first heat was subsequently taking place at other locations, there had been a reporting blackout until now. Mrs Troup reports ‘Our girls were fine competitors and tackled the task with enthusiasm. We are pleased to say that, although the girls are not progressing to the next round, they worked really hard, succeeded in having a working lightbulb and received full marks for both their initial plan and for gaining maximum height. Well done!’


Third Form Art Trip

On Monday Third Formers went to visit the Andreas Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and the British Museum. The trip was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to find and record inspiration for their current project.

Fifth Form Visit to Tante Marie

Last Friday, our Fifth Form Food Technology students visited the Tante Marie Culinary Academy to prepare them for their three hour assessed practical exam over the next few weeks. The experience provided them with plenty of inspiration to present their dishes with confidence and flair.

First Form Geography Trip

The First Form braved the snowstorms on Monday morning as they made their way to the High Street for their Geography fieldwork to research ‘Why do people shop in Godalming?’ They collected plenty of data from environmental surveys to questionnaires, and are now busy presenting and analysing their results back in the classroom.