Parent Staff Association

Welcome to the Prior’s Field Parent Staff Association.

All parents, guardians, teaching staff and non-teaching staff automatically become a member of the Association upon joining Prior’s Field,  while parent volunteers enable the PSA’s activities that are overseen by the PSA Committee. The PSA committee is made up of parent volunteers from each year group and Prior’s Field staff, the current committee is listed in the table below.

Achieving through a community 

The PSA’s aim is to foster another dimension to the very strong community spirit we enjoy at PF. We achieve this by arranging social evenings for parents in the autumn and spring terms, events such as the Christmas Fair and festive workshops, while on Sports Day we organise refreshments and the ever-popular annual Dog Show. Our second hand uniform sales are held twice a term and are very successful.

The PSA committee

The PSA committee is strongly supported by Class Representatives, who are parent volunteers, which provide the critical communication links between the committee and the wider community.  Part of this vital role is to organise class events for parents to get to know each other within their classes and across the year groups.

While the PSA’s activities generate relatively small profits, we do not seek to raise money for charity as the students are very active in this respect.  However, each year the PSA donates £5,000 to the Prior’s Field Foundation and then uses the remainder to purchase items, not normally funded by the school, for use by our girls. 

Recent examples of such purchases include:

• Picnic benches located around the school grounds.
• A blast chiller for food tech.
• A printing press for the art department.
• Team silks for the equestrian team.
• Team overalls for the Green Power racing car team.
• A visualiser and camera for the science department. 

We would very much welcome your participation as a Class Rep or as a PSA committee member. If you are able to volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of PSA via email

Information on Class Reps and PSA members can be found in the PSA folder in School Documents on the Parent Portal.


Tracy Kirnig  Head
Leonie Ranson  Bursar
Jenny Schneider Director of Development
Parents 2017 – 18
Suzie Brown Year 1
Victoria Watts (Tor) Year 2 & Treasurer
Virginia Howarth Year 2
Georgie Wilson Year 3
Sue Leach Year 4
Samira McGreGor Year  4
Fiona Konarek Year 5 & Chair
Annie Turnbull Year 5
Natalie Cox Year 5
Emma Rowe Year 5
Lisa Cocksedge Year 5
Emma Hone Upper 6th & Secretary
Clare Cox-Cunningham Upper 6th
Maranne Kingsbury Upper 6th 

Prior’s Field is the best decision we ever made.