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Head’s commendations of the week – Summer Term 2017


Awarded by:

Mr Collins, to Third Formers Emily, Eva, Evelyn, Lois, Lotti and Myfanwy for excellent experimental scientific work, enhanced by a professional display of results and conclusions.

Mrs Kirnig, to Fourth Former Katy for raising £100 for the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Mrs Olive, to Third Formers Anastasia, Havana, Isabella, Jessica, Kariella and Zelah for ‘showing great thoughtfulness, meticulous research, wonderful scholarship and treatment of topic and resilience in writing and delivery’ for their EPQs (Extended Project Qualifications).

Mrs Rice, to First Formers Coco, Hannah, Izzy and Meg for well-researched and designed ‘little books of French facts’.

Mrs Rusholme, to Second Formers Georgina, Isabella and Thalia for posters summarising all the work completed on the Mechanics project to design a roller coaster ride.