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This week’s Word of the Week is


  • Look up the word in a dictionary
  • Find a definition and a word class (adjective, noun, verb etc)
  • Think of a sentence that shows that you can use the word properly
  • Fill in the form on Frog (including your FULL name)
  • Get merits and, perhaps, chocolate

Last week we had ‘Halcyon’, a really beautiful word, originally from a Greek legend in which a mystical bird – often associated with the Kingfisher, with which it has become synonymous – bred in a floating nest at the midwinter solstice. As an adjective in English, it has come to describe an idyllic past time, and is first recorded in late Middle English – around the beginning of the 16th century. All rather lovely. The winner was Third Former Mabel with: ‘I wish more than anything that I could somehow transport myself back to the carefree halcyon days of my youth when I could do as I pleased and worry about nothing.’ Second Former Natalie and Lower Sixth Former Hannah did good’uns too. Choc and merits for Mabel.

This week’s winners will be informed next Monday