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Sixth Form explore the Political Legacy of 1960s America


Lower Sixth Former Hannah reports on a recent History lecture, on the Political Legacy of the 1960s in America: “The speaker, a historian named Gareth Davies, started the lecture by talking about America’s current political situation. He discussed the ‘Age of Trump’ and Hillary Clinton. Then he created several interesting links between this recent election and that of 1968, when President Nixon came to power. The lecturer prompted us to think about the differences between the eras, the opinions of the people at the time and the changes in the tone of recent electoral debates, compared to those of the 1960s. We considered not just political change, but technological and social change as well, as these greatly affected the American people’s choices and opinions. The lecture was one of a series of historical talks that Sixth Form historians plan to attend between now and December, and our class are all very much looking forward to the next conference, which will discuss the reign of Henry VI and the first War of the Roses.”