Enrichments and Activities

The school fulfills its aim to build confidence and encourage individuality, in an environment which seeks to develop girls into young women of integrity.

ISI Report 2016 – Section 3.15

Lower School Enrichment

Lower school girls enjoy a number of extra-curricular activities and socials throughout the school year:

• To develop leadership skills, girls have the opportunity to become form leaders and members of the school council.

• Boarders can also become part of the food committee.

• Second formers develop their mentoring skills through the shadowing system.

• Third formers take part in a special, off timetable, study skills course.


• First form activity week in Shropshire

• Third form induction day learning skills


• First formers have a Christmas social in the Autumn Term, a social with Aldro School in the Spring and a croquet challenge, treasure hunt and BBQ in the Summer.

• Second formers have a Christmas social (usually with Harrow) in the Autumn Term, quiz and fish and chip supper in the Spring Term and a Summer disco.

• Third formers have a Christmas social (often with Eton) in the Autumn, followed by Spring and Summer discos.


Enrichment activity - boarders food committee


Upper School Enrichment

During their time in the Upper School the girls are studying for their GCSE and IGCSE examinations. The options for GCSE are based on what the girls are interested in studying and as a result the majority of girls are able to take up their first choice of subjects. Time is allocated to careers, A Level choice and revision skills through PSHEE.

There is also the opportunity for girls to attend University open days aimed at their age group and for those considering oxbridge, a programme is in place. Girls in the Upper School are offered the opportunity to participate in an exchange with Ruyton School in Melbourne, Australia.

Upper School girls enjoy a number of extra-curricular and social activities throughout the year:

• The Upper School Forum meets with the Head of Year regularly to discuss issues specific to them.

• Girls can start their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and might start Silver before completing this in the sixth form and going onto Gold.

• As part of Upper School PE many girls have the opportunity to develop their skills by teaching and umpiring in prep schools.

• Third formers are involved in our Peer Mentoring Scheme.

• Girls can also be involved in working with students from other local schools.


DofE Upper school girls


 Clubs and Activities


Third formers peer mentoring scheme