Learning Support

Learning Support at Prior’s Field

The aim of the Learning Support department is to realise the school aims by enabling all our students to be happy and engaged in their learning and to realise their academic potential. We aim to enable students to understand and manage their difficulties and to ensure that, as far as possible, they do not become a barrier to school success. We play a significant role in improving the quality of learning for all students across the curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that our girls become independent and confident despite their learning differences.

We do this by:
* Appropriate assessment and monitoring of all pupils to identify any Specific Learning Difficulty and provide appropriate and reasonable intervention in a timely manner.

* Ensuring maximum awareness among subject staff of Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and to be continually updated on developments of good practice.

* Ensuring that all teaching staff are able to respond to pupils’ learning needs with the appropriate professional skills and differentiation during lessons.

* Ensuring that every member of the Teaching Staff can plan their lessons in ways that encourage the maximum participation and learning of all students.

* Students with SEND having access to the whole curriculum by identifying appropriate differentiation during lessons so they can progress at the appropriate pace in learning.

* Involving parents and students in all decisions, as partners in education.

* Creative, rigorous and ambitious SEND teaching in 1:1 and small group lessons which reflects best practice and the most up to date methods.

* Ongoing, detailed and appropriately diagnostic assessment and categorisation of students by level of intervention.

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