Leaver profiles

Holly Giles

(Deputy Head Girl) Joined in Lower Sixth from Rodborough School

Budding Bio-medical Scientist Holly is off to Cardiff University and hopes to carve out a career which specialises in the human anatomy and immunology.

“Having battled with ill-health I was determined to have a career in Medicine. I chose to break away from the state system and opt for Prior’s Field because I wanted a school which was serious about science, but offered small class sizes, good university preparation and great pastoral care. The school made me feel more secure about overcoming my struggle with CFS. I was delighted too that the school saw my potential when I sat for an Academic Scholarship and offered bursary assistance to make my place possible.

I will leave the school with so much more than just great A Level grades; in my two years I have managed to achieve so many things both in and out of the classroom. These include; a starring role in the world’s first authorised all-female School production of Les Misérables; Gold D of E awarded at Buckingham Palace and raising funds for a trip to Tanzania where we taught African primary pupils and helped build a much needed school toilet.”

A Levels: A* Biology, A *Chemistry and A Maths

Destination: Cardiff University

Flora Hickman

Joined in First Form from St Hilary’s Prep School

I chose Prior’s Field as I felt it was somewhere I could focus on what I really loved but without unnecessary pressure. The school did not pressure me when choosing my A Levels either. Their advice was to choose subjects that I really loved, as a happy student is most likely to achieve to the best of her ability. I chose Art, English Literature and History – all of which encourage independence, creativity in thought and offer exciting prospects for the future.

Prior’s Field encouraged me to balance my academic studies with pursuits outside the classroom too and I am so glad that I continued to be an active member of the choir, found time to fundraise for charity and completed Gold DofE.

My next home will be St Andrews University to study History and my long-term thoughts lie in a career in the Foreign Office or perhaps as a journalist. The things I will most miss about Prior’s Field are the sense of community and friendships. The amazing support from teachers who really care about our futures and finally the freedom to experiment and find out for myself what I am really passionate about.

A Levels: A* Art, A History and A English Literature

Destination: St Andrews

Daisy Phillips

Joined Prior’s Field from Busbridge Junior School at 11 Years Old

Local girl and first ever first graduate of Prior’s Field Tennis Academy Daisy Phillips proved that she is a knockout success both on and off-court with some outstanding A Level results.

“I chose to come to Prior’s Field because of the Tennis Academy so I could get the right balance between training and academic studies”

Despite a twelve hour a week tennis training regime, Daisy secured an amazing trio of results with an A* in PE, and A in Biology and Geography. She left Prior’s Field with an amazing record of tennis successes which includes winning the Endeavour Cup from the LTA and ending her 16U group ranked 44th in the UK.

Daisy first showed her talent for Tennis at the Elstead Tennis Club and was the first ever pupil awarded with Academy membership.

A Levels: A* PE, A in Biology and A in Geography

Destination: University of Northern Iowa

Erin Saunders

(Sports Captain) joined from Barrow Hills Prep School at 11 years old.

“I joined Prior’s Field from Barrow Hills when I was eleven. We knew of family friends who had loved it and it only took us fifteen minutes into a tour to know that this was the perfect place for me. There is a certain warm atmosphere in the school which is infectious.

I chose to study English, Art and Textiles at A level because each department is so enthusiastic and the teachers care so much. The teaching style in Sixth Form is different, the teachers are even more accessible. I have really benefited from the opportunity to formally exhibit my art and textiles at school, it has been a very valuable experience.

I love Sport and have been so proud to be the PF Sports Captain and have continued to play Hockey and Netball throughout my time here as well as recently training with Weston Park Blades Netball team which has given me the opportunity to play at a national level. Coming from a mixed school, I had often thought of myself as second to the boys. Prior’s Field has taught me my talents, and has encouraged me to excel further than I had ever imagined. I can now stand up next to my older brother and see my strengths as equal to his. Previously I had just been the ‘little sister’.”

A Levels: A* Art, A* Textiles and A in English

Destination: Leeds University

Before Sixth Form, teachers were teachers but then you realise they are so much more. They are here for you in every way and you build a very different relationship with them – almost a partnership.

Rose Dodd, Former Sixth Form Student

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