Mrs Haddock shared learning from a Sociology lecture at the LSE on Tuesday evening: ‘Human dynamo, Professor Beverley Skeggs, left Sixth Form Sociologists reeling after her lecture on the power of social media sites. Her research included findings such as the instant you open your browser you will have been traded – in a millisecond – by data trackers. They use their machine learning algorithms to assess your potential to buy certain products and offer your details at auction to big companies. Think you are safe watching TV? It bounces sensors off you from its commercial ads to let the TV viewing brokers know exactly what captures your attention and can target you more effectively. Governments can’t control these trackers, indeed they may even sell your data, as the Indian government did recently. The answer, she suggested, was to come off all social media sites – or create your own internet. The Sixth Form, needless to say, weren’t buying into either of these options!’


Mrs Rusholme reports, ‘On Monday the First Form attended a Robotics Workshop at Legoland with the Mathematics Department. The workshop focused on the importance of correct sequencing in programming to achieve the desired robotic control. Students enjoyed the remainder of the day getting to know girls in their Maths group as they explored Mini Land, passed their driving tests and went on a few rides.’

Mr Butler says… ‘

This week’s Word of the Week is


  • Look up the word in a dictionary
  • Find a definition and a word class (adjective, noun, verb etc)
  • Think of a sentence that shows that you can use the word properly
  • Fill in the form on Frog (including your FULL name)
  • Get merits and, perhaps, chocolate

Last week we had ‘Halcyon’, a really beautiful word, originally from a Greek legend in which a mystical bird – often associated with the Kingfisher, with which it has become synonymous – bred in a floating nest at the midwinter solstice. As an adjective in English, it has come to describe an idyllic past time, and is first recorded in late Middle English – around the beginning of the 16th century. All rather lovely. The winner was Third Former Mabel with: ‘I wish more than anything that I could somehow transport myself back to the carefree halcyon days of my youth when I could do as I pleased and worry about nothing.’ Second Former Natalie and Lower Sixth Former Hannah did good’uns too. Choc and merits for Mabel.

This week’s winners will be informed next Monday