Co-Curricular Calling Friday 23 February

Maths Masterclass

On Tuesday evening the Mathematics Department held its Spring Term Master Class on 3D Escher tessellations. The girls enjoyed a presentation on the famous “Sky and Water” illusion before making the first two platonic solids – the tetrahedron and cube – covered with tessellating seals and seahorses that went over edges. At the end of the session the girls were presented with Escher inspired flexagons from the Singapore Museum of Art and Technology.

DofE Gold – Kayaking training

Over half-term, some of the upper school girls took to the freezing Thames to hone their kayaking skills as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition training. Despite the cold, wet weather and lack of hot water at their campsite in Marlow, the kayakers spent a couple of days on the river determinedly practising, including some capsizing drills into the icy cold water. Well done girls, you’ll be ready for sunny Croatia in October!

 First Form trip to Nursing Home

At the beginning of the week, eleven First Formers took a trip along Priorsfield Road to the Robertson Nursing Home. The local residents adored talking with the girls and were thrilled when they performed some musical pieces. Mrs Baines was very proud of the girls who were all excellent ambassadors for the school.

Huxley Squad

Third and Fourth Form Huxley Squad meeting

The Third and Fourth Form Huxley Squad girls met this week and were encouraged to develop thinking skills and team work. They were given the challenge to stack 10 plastic cups without touching them with any part of their body. Supplied with 4 lengths of string and an elastic band they had to work as a team to build a tower.

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