Co-Curricular Calling – Spectroscopy, History and Photograph Excursions

Sixth Form Spectroscopy trip

Mr Smith reported that ‘On Wednesday 24 January I took the Upper Sixth Chemistry class to University of Reading for a lecture, lab tour and problem solving section on Spectroscopy. They learned how infra-red spectroscopy (IR), mass spectrometry (MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy are used by chemists to establish the structure of molecules. These techniques also have important uses in the modern world: detecting fake bank notes (IR), analysing blood/urine samples from athletes to detect banned substances (MS), and MRI scanning in hospitals (NMR).  Spectroscopy is assessed in two of the three A level Chemistry exam papers, so it was a very useful day for the girls. On the train journey home they applied the techniques they had learned about on the course to spectroscopy problems from past exam papers.’

History Lecture

Some of our Sixth Form History students have written a report on the Historical Association Lecture they attended this week.

‘Location: St Nicholas Church, GuildfordInternal – Karen Wilcock, Lower Sixth, On Tuesday 23 January Dr Goldsmith and three A Level History students visited St Nicholas church in Guildford to attend a lecture given by historian Nicola Tallis, on the life of Lady Jane Grey, the Queen who ruled for 9 days. Nicola gave us a fascinating insight into Lady Jane Grey and the trials she faced as a young woman in Tudor England. Through this lecture we saw a different side to Jane, not just a young girl who was beheaded at 17 years old, but the incredibly intelligent and quick witted woman who spoke 8 languages at the age of 13!! We thought this talk gave a new impression of women in the 16th century that we are not otherwise made aware of. Overall, this talk was one of the best we have seen at the Surrey Historical Society. Definitely a 5-star lecture!!’

Sixth Form Photography trip

The Sixth Form Photography students enjoyed a visit on Thursday to the Andreas Gursky exhibition in The Hayward Gallery, which has been described as ‘godlike visions from the great chronicler of our time’. The students continued their experience walking through London taking photographs and visiting The Photographers Gallery to attend ‘Instand Stories’ Wim Wenders Polariods which was a stark contrast in scale and context to Gursky. All of these experiences will feed into their work.

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