Head's Blog Friday 27 April 2018

My first blog – perhaps a broadcast from our YouTube channel next?

Last weekend the clock was turned back – a cricket match was played by Prior’s Field girls, emulating their forebears in the school’s infancy who were some of the first school girls ever to play the game.

We have also been reminded in the news this week of another woman who made history – Dame Millicent Fawcett – an intelligent and inspiring suffragist, who would surely have been known of by the innovative and forward-thinking women at Prior’s field at the time, who is now commemorated with a statue in Westminster.

It is facile to talk about how times have changed – facile, but true and very relevant when considering the report in the Times this week of the view of the well-known historian, Bettany Hughes, on the merits of boarding. The modern boarding experience is very much at odds with many of the public comments which have been prompted by Ms Hughes’ opinion. To be a boarder today is to have all the advantages and opportunities that come from being part of two families: at home and in the boarding community. Prior’s Field boarders, who are here because they and their family have chosen that path for all the right reasons, enjoy wonderful events like the amazing St George’s Day Medieval Banquet which took place on Monday. More importantly, however, they reap the benefits of modern thinking about and awareness of the issues facing adolescents – issues not widely understood even in the recent past – and pastoral support from experienced staff who, every day, interact with the girls with kindness and emotional intelligence.

All our girls – both boarding and day girls – also benefit hugely of course from family support and, at Monday’s PSA meeting, we thanked four parents who are stepping down from the committee, having been stalwart, committed and hardworking members for a number of years: Mrs Kingsbury, Mrs Hone, Mrs Cox-Cunningham and Mrs Leach. My thanks go to them and to all the PSA, for supporting the school in so many different ways. This weekend the PSA will be helping once more, as staff, girls and parents come together for PF Alive. Everyone is very excited and the preparations are gathering momentum. I look forward to seeing those of you lucky enough to have a ticket tomorrow evening.

Finally, we welcomed this week a whole community of new residents, who we hope will provide for the girls a new interest, learning opportunities and … honey!  A colony of bees, tended by the very enthusiastic Mr Swansborough, is now living in my garden.  All we need now is for the sun to return and the flowers to bloom – then the bees will be as busy as the rest of the school!

With best wishes for a lovely weekend

Tracy Kirnig

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