Head’s Round Up: Friday 13 March 2020

The week has been overshadowed by COVID-19 and developments in the UK and worldwide. Having said that, we have been very impressed how calm and focused the girls are. Their measured attitude is an example to us all. I am relieved that we have robust systems in place to ensure that work can be set and submitted remotely with ease, should that become necessary. As you know, the Government has for the moment decided that all schools should remain open unless individually told otherwise. It is obviously much preferable for staff and girls to be together in school for as long as possible. Thank you for your support with adhering to Government new guidance in terms of keeping your daughter at home for 7 days should she have a temperature or a new persistent cough. We do realise how hard this is for working parents and guardians and appreciate that some are having to make difficult decisions. Let us hope that the weather warms up and that the virus recedes.

Mr Taylor and I were fortunate enough to be in the audience for the Rotary Schools Concert at G Live on Wednesday. It was a fabulous occasion, as always. Three other schools also performed: George Abbott, Duke of Kent and Christ’s College. Whilst I am clearly biased, I must say that our girls really sparkled and shone. Several guest dignitaries approached me afterwards to ask me to pass their congratulations on to the Prior’s Field performers; they commented how very proud I must be. As often happens after such an event, we have received several emails from parents thanking us and congratulating the girls. That has reminded me to thank all parents who take time to thank staff or congratulate other girls. It means a great deal.

Molly B has again topped the table. She has won the U14 Grand Slalom in the National French Championship – a competition for the best 125 skiers in France in this age category.  I understand that this is an even greater achievement than her gold medal runs in Andorra recently. Huge congratulations to Molly.

The Oak Hall was silent on Wednesday lunchtime and some of the Chess semi-finalists battled it out in front of the roaring fire. I look forward to the other semi-finals and to following the winners’ progress into the final round.

The drier weather meant that the House Sport went ahead yesterday and the school community enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. The girls had fun playing Junior Netball, Senior Football and Senior Hockey. The results will be announced with those of other House events this term at our end of term Awards Assembly.

There have been a number of netball matches this week, with the U14A team competing in the Surrey finals. Players of the match this week: May H, Ruby N, Annabel Z, Lottie C, India M, Isabella M, Jessica J, Issie S, Annabelle G (twice!), Sophie W, Emily A and Coco Y.

Tonight I am going to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, to see Lara M and Eliza D treading the boards in ‘Arabian Nights’. This weekend, the boarders are welcoming members of Busbridge Church Prime Time for lunch – a social event which both age groups always thoroughly enjoy.

Looking forward into next week, PAW day on Monday will focus on Futures: the skills the girls need for the working world of the future. At the pastoral evening on Monday, we will share some of topics of the day. I hope the girls find the day interesting – the world they will enter on leaving education will be very different from the one that most of us know.

Good luck to the girls doing their LAMDA and ABRSM exams next week. I am sure all their hard work will pay off.

With best wishes

Tracy Kirnig

PRIOR’S FIELD, Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RH United Kingdom

01483 810551