Head’s Round Up: Friday 17 January 2020

Our fabulous Fifth Form have all but finished their New Year challenge of a combination of mock examinations and early GCSEs. The next stage for the girls is to reflect on the results, plan their strategy for the coming months and build on the confidence that this rehearsal will hopefully have given them. We look forward to supporting the girls in working towards achieving the grades they deserve. In the meantime, I am sure they are all looking forward to their social at Prezzo next week, which will be an opportunity to celebrate having reached and conquered the milestone of the mocks. Well done to all the Fifth Form.

Mia, Georgia, Luisa and Sharanya were wonderful ambassadors for Prior’s Field at the ECF National Schools Team Girls’ Chess Championships 2020 on Sunday. Despite the girls’ relative inexperience, they did Prior’s Field proud, learning and developing as a player with each match. Their enthusiasm was infectious and my own knowledge of chess was greatly enhanced by listening in on the pre-match conversation and practice.

On Wednesday, the First and Second Forms were introduced to Girls on Board and participated in sessions focusing on friendships, encouraging them to support and help each other. In the afternoon session, we were able to share with parents what was discussed with the girls and to explore what a parent’s role might be when a friendship issue arises. Girls on Board advice to parents is to listen and empathise whilst trying not to become too involved, to encourage the girls to work together to resolve the problem and to distract your child from the emotional intensity that they might feel as a result of the situation. Relationships will always ebb and flow and, in school, it is important that all parties communicate and work together to support the girls to find a solution to any problem.

We are looking forward to seeing First Form parents next Wednesday at Parents’ Evening. The girls have settled into Prior’s Field life very quickly; we are delighted with them as a year group.  Staff are looking forward to talking to you about the work the girls have been doing and how they have progressed since joining us.

You may know how fortunate we are to enjoy such fantastic food at Prior’s Field. This week was no exception. On two days, we were treated to a pop up lunch, one with a Portuguese theme and the other inspired by Veganuary. Both proved incredibly popular. The Food Committee met this week and I am sure that, with their ideas and those of our innovative Catering team, the culinary treats will continue to delight us all whilst, at the same time, introducing the girls to new tastes and flavours.

Next week, we will be welcoming members of the PSA into school for the first time this term: at the AGM on Monday and the Reps’ Breakfast on Friday. I must take the opportunity to thank the PSA for all they do for the school. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee if you are interested in becoming involved.

There have been several netball and hockey fixtures this week. The U13 netball team have had a very busy start to their term by taking part in an U13 plate match in the Independent Schools competition against North London Collegiate School where they narrowly lost by 2 goals. The same girls then took part in a tournament at Tormead and earned themselves a very respectable overall third place.

On Sunday, Prior’s Field is hosting the ISGA National 4Piece Gymnastics Championships, a prestigious event involving 230 young competitors from the UK and Europe, including our very own Prior’s Field team. My thanks go to Mrs Baines, Miss Scott, the whole PE department and all the staff, pupil and parent volunteers helping with this event, which promises to be fast-moving and exciting.

Last weekend, boarders enjoyed their first weekend back shopping in Guildford for supplies to decorate their bedrooms and making sure they have everything they need for the term. The Second and Third Form girls have been putting their thoughts and words of encouragement in letters to the fire-fighters and emergency services in Australia. The whole school will next week be taking part in a fund raising initiative to support those affected by the fires. The boarding community is very aware of the situation, having two Australian gap students in the team.

This weekend, I know the boarders are off to Ikea – always popular whether for the meatballs or marketplace section. The Drama Department and the Upper Sixth Drama students will also be in school on Sunday, rehearsing for their Component 2 exam. All set for another buzzing Prior’s Field weekend.

With best wishes

Tracy Kirnig

PRIOR’S FIELD, Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RH United Kingdom

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