Head’s Round Up: Friday 19 June 2020

This week we have been delighted to see some Lower Sixth and Fourth Form girls in school. Everything suddenly feels a little more normal, which is appreciated by us all.  

The First to Fourth Forms have been doing their assessments – a very different experience from usual and one which I hope will give the girls a sense of their own progress this academic year.  

The Fifth Form and Upper Sixth students have continued to engage with their transition courses, which have been so well received by the girls. The Fifth Form students on our A Level Geography transition course have been investigating ‘The Science of Where’ with Geographic Information Systems this week. As a starting point, they looked at the John Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard which has become one of the go-to resources for mapping the pandemic. The girls have since been learning how to use ArcGIS. Their first job was to create their own map, demonstrating their use of layers, scales and adding map notes. They have excelled themselves, even making maps that are supporting their work in other subjects. For example, Freya B has been researching coral reefs in Biology and now she has a map to support her work. 

I am hugely impressed that many girls are making the effort to extend their learning independently, showing great drive and self-motivation. To supplement her Drama learning, Naomi J in the Third Form has recent watched a webinar starring Harriet Walter on the female roles in Shakespeare, which Naomi found very interesting and educational. Naomi had a question answered in the Q&A after the webinar. There are so many fascinating resources on the internet which will stretch and develop a student’s thinking. Do encourage your daughter to ask her teachers if she would like any pointers as to where to look. 

Miss Fernandes PF PE Challenge is ongoing, and I must congratulate particularly Ila G, who seems to have accepted every challenge. 

Well done and thank you to Tatiana B in the Upper Sixth who, as the caretaker of the school’s Charities Instagram account, has regularly posted updates of what we have been working on as a school and raising awareness of important causes. Tatiana has set a brilliant example to others in this role. She has now handed over to Havana P, who has already started posting some thoughtprovoking images. Please do follow @pf_charities on Instagram, it would be great to make this account a platform for change. Art-lovers may also like @priorsfieldtextiles and @priorsfieldart. 

More congratulations are due: to Mrs Jacques who has been making PPE for the NHS and masks for family and friends; and to Annie M (Upper Sixth), who has also been working hard and has completed numerous courses to become a fully qualified carer. She is currently working day and night shifts at a care home in Bookham. Annie plans to carry on her work in care homes part time when she starts university later this year. 

We are keeping up to date with Government updates and guidance, which changes frequently. I will be writing to current parents shortly regarding the current situation and the likely position in September. 

Tinga Tinga, the school we support in Tanzania, is still not open for pupils. They have promised to send us pictures and we will be reciprocating with images of our girls back on site. We will be increasing our efforts next term to raise money for the classrooms that Tinga Tinga need so badly.  

I omitted in an earlier newsletter to mention the winners of our MasterChef heats. Congratulations to Georgia B and Connie C in the First Form, Charlotte H and Alice T in the Second Form and Rosie B and Ilaria S in the Third Form. These girls will join the other winners of the class heats in the PF MasterChef final, which we plan to hold in the autumn term. 

Georgia has also been using her cookery skills to make other people feel special. She recently cooked a large three course meal to celebrate her parents’ 13th Wedding Anniversary. Very impressive, Georgia, well done. 

Continuing with the culinary theme, Miss Curtin has just launched a special challenge to all the girls – to be involved in making the masks that the Catering team will be required to wear from September.  As Miss Curtin says, Chef Ricky and his team need you, girls! Miss Curtin will be sending out more information shortly. 

Next week is National Boarding Week. This year’s celebrations will focus on the importance of health and wellbeing.  

It is also National Insect Week next week, so, girls, for a well-deserved diversion from your studies now the assessments are over, why not explore your garden and nearby countryside over the weekend and see what you can find. I will enjoy looking at the photographs you send in. As you may know, I love bio bling and will try to wear a different insect brooch every day next week. I very much enjoy a little foraging when out on my walks and would recommend the wild bilberries (or whortleberries) which are plentiful at the moment. 

With best wishes for an outdoor weekend 

Mrs Tracy Kirnig

PRIOR’S FIELD, Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RH United Kingdom

01483 810551