House Music and Choir

The House Music and House Choir results are in! Mr Pratt has announced the following winners of the competition that took place back in February. Well done to all the winners!

Overall Results :




Best House Final : Austen
Most First Round Entries Frank
Most Entertaining Choir : Frank
Most Musical Choir : Austen
Best Rehearsed Choir : Frank
Best Choir Director : Sixth Former Sammi B (Pankhurst)
Best Overall Performer : Sixth Former Chloe P (Austen)
Best Austen Performance : Fifth Former Millie W (Austen)
Best Frank Performance : Third Former Kelsi T (Frank)
Best Pankhurst Performance : Fourth Former Evelyn M,violin (Pankhurst)
Best Vocal Performance : Fifth Former Imogen R (Frank)
Most Promising Vocalists : Second Former Alice W (Pankhurst)
Third Former Lottie C (Pankhurst)
Most Promising Pianist : Third Former Phoebe A (Frank)
Best Woodwind Performance : Third Former Poppy D (Pankhurst)
Best Brass Performance : Fifth Former Brydie A (Austen)
Most Promising String Player : Second Former Megan R (Austen)
Best Vocalist Instrumentalists : Second Former Mia B (Austen)
Second Former Ella (Pankhurst)
Best Ensemble : Third Formers Izzy & Eloise (Frank)
Director of Music Awards : Fourth Former Daisy E (Austen)
Third Former Katie G (Austen)
Third Former Boe T (Austen)
Sixth Former Emily B (Frank)
Fourth Former Tallulah H (Frank)
First Former Robyn M (Frank)
Sixth Former Holly G (Pankhurst)
Second Former Phoebe J (Pankhurst)
Fourth Former Grace S (Pankhurst)

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