Masterclasses in Mathematics

On Monday the Mathematics Department welcomed Zoe Griffiths. Zoe delivers the Mathematics programme at the Royal Institution. Her favourite number is ∏ and she has been known to bake mathematical cakes.

Whilst at Prior’s Field she gave a talk to Fourth Form on the “Hidden Mathematics in Technology” looking at bar codes and pixels showing how maths is everywhere. The Third Form were challenged with “Freaky Probability” where they investigated the chance of winning tossing a coin three times to obtain a certain combination of heads and tails and the likelihood of scooping the Lottery!

Zoe was then the guest at a Sixth Form Mathematicians lunch and enjoyed finding out about the combinations of A levels being studied and the future plans of the girls to use their mathematical skills. The lunch gave the Sixth Form a chance to meet our Fifth formers planning to study maths and to tell them the (mostly) highs and lows of the A Level course. They were excited to all chat about our forth coming trip to Thorpe Park to study the mechanics, scaling up and business maths of Derren Brown’s ghost train ride!

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