PHSEE Talk – Organ Transplantation

Mr Taylor reports

‘On Monday, we welcomed former pupil Lucinda Parker-Roberts back to school to share her experiences of organ transplantation with all pupils in assembly. Lucinda underwent a lifesaving liver transplant in August 2017 and is recovering well. Her assembly, which detailed her illness from the age of 17 when she was a Prior’s Field Sixth Form pupil up to the present day, was both fascinating and thought provoking. The topic of organ transplantation was explored further in two seminars held during the third and fourth year PSHEE sessions. Mr Taylor, who has received two corneal transplants, also shared a little of his story about how transplantation restored his sight. It is hoped that the girls will follow up what they have heard with further discussion at home.’

PSHEE Organ Donation Lucinda Parker-Roberts


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